SeaStone Carpet Cleaning is one of the most prominent service providers of carpet cleaning. To delight our customers, we use the latest and advanced equipment along with traditional time-tested methodologies for carpet cleaning services. Our specialists, with wide knowledge about the material of the carpet as well as compatible cleaning tools, pay special attention to all the insignificant details that further come up with the best solutions.

Even, most of the manufacturers of the carpet suggest that one should get its carpet cleaned once or twice a year to maintain its look. If your carpet will be properly cleaned on time then only it will live up to the warranties but the life of the carpet gets extended.



Are you also looking for a professional rug cleaning service in your area then, you have landed on the right page because SeaStone Carpet Cleaning is the appropriate destination. Our Cleaners are well-acquainted with the finest details of rug cleaning as our team is capable of treating all types of rugs that include Turkish, oriental, Moroccan, Chinese, Persian, shag, Handmade, Navajo, machine-made, and many more.

You can enhance the aesthetic beauty of your room with rugs. For it, you have maintained your rug regularly so that you can keep the beauty of your rug. No doubt, your rug shows a clear appearance and your dust particles get to settle on your rug regularly. Thereby it will corrode the surface of the rug and will reduce the longevity of the rug. Therefore, you need to clean your rug at least once a year.


We all wash our bed sheets regularly but we tend to ignore the Mattress cleaning that further becomes the breeding ground for the micro-organism that further leads to health problems.

Even the Dead skin cells and dust mites also get intertwined within the fabric. Most of your time is spent on the bed so it has become a substantial part of your life. So, Mattress cleaning is very important if you want to stay away from allergic reactions and sickness. The professional staff at SeaStone Carpet Cleaning provides you high-end Mattress cleaning that will further help you in maintaining your mattress in a good condition.

Our cleaners use powerful vacuum extraction and other relevant techniques and even appropriate portable equipment to do away with dead cells, mold spores, mites, and harmful agents.



Of course, there are some specific procedures that need to be opted for maintaining your leather or you need to get the service of professional leather cleaners for the best outcome. When you don’t apply the cream on your leather it will get dry and hard further revealing cracks if you will not maintain your furniture properly or make use of the suitable products for the cleaning. 

We at SeaStone Carpet Cleaning will help you in making your leather furniture look amazing and fresh by applying a combination of treatments. Being the most dependable service provider of leather cleaning, we not only provide the cleaning services even maintain and protect your prized possession.


No, doubt, your car is one of the most valuable possessions. And it looks amazing when it is sparkling clean and also gives a wonderful smell. SeaStone Carpet cleaning is one of the committed company that makes your car look new with a state-of-the-art car seat cleaning service. Despite this, when you use the car regularly then the car seats look faded and worn out due to the accumulation of oil marks, dust, dirt, handprints, food particles, or grime if it is not regularly cleaned. Sometimes, it becomes the ground of bacteria that further you fall sick. But if you will hire our car seat cleaners to make the seats shine and clean. Then we will use highly-effective and advanced techniques to provide excellent results and further making the car interior fresh, eye-catchy, and hygienic.

We have trained experienced and qualified cleaners who have knowledge about the different types of car seat leather and fabric who can treat them very carefully. However, no two cars have the same cleaning process similarly our cleaning standard procedure is customized according to the requirement of the vehicles.

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